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Conference 2018: Exploring Media Ecosystems

Exploring Media Ecosystems Conference


The Center for Civic Media at MIT and the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard invite you to join us for our first conference on Media Ecosystems Studies, to take place March 5th and 6th at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


About this Conference

This convening will bring together academics, researchers, practitioners, journalists, and funders interested in understanding the current media landscape. We are now able to do broad and rigorous quantitative analysis using sophisticated tools to understand news and social media. Yet at the same time we know that no single point of view, no single platform, tool or method, can account for the complexity of mediated communication in the 21st century. And we think that considering the networked public sphere in terms of ecosystems, with different elements dynamically affecting others, is a useful approach to tackling its complexity.

We will spend two days discussing the current media environment, presenting research, examining a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods, and reviewing tools. 

Confirmed Speakers

Final Agenda

Monday, March 5th

  • 9:00am Registration
  • 9:30am-9:45am Welcome by Ethan Zuckerman
  • 9:45am Exploring Media Ecosystems
    • Yochai Benkler and Ethan Zuckerman
  • 10:15am-12:00pm Explorations
    • Joan Donovan: What is Media Manipulation?
    • Deb Roy: Health Metrics for the Public Sphere
    • Peter Pomeranzev: Propaganda in the 21st Century
  • [12pm-1pm Lunch Break]
  • 1pm-2:45pm Presentations and discussion A (main room) & B (amphitheatre)
    • A. Disinformation
      • Claire Wardle: Mapping Information Disorder
      • Kate Starbird: Disinformation and Crisis Events
      • Brittany Seymour: Viral Information and Digital Pandemics
    • B. Echo chambers, filter bubbles, automation
      • Julia Ebner: The Manufacturing of Hate
      • Ron Berman: The Impact of Curation Algorithms on Social Media
      • Stefano Cresci: Detecting Malicious Social Media Accounts
  •  [2:45pm-3:15pm Coffee Break]
  • 3:15pm-5pm Presentations and discussion C (main room) & D (amphitheatre)
    • C. Politics and Influence
      • Yochai Benkler: The 2016 US Presidential Election
      • Alejandro Romero: Destabilising the European Union